How I spent $96.88 at Aldi for 7 dinners plus breakfasts and lunches

We all love to save a little mullah on our grocery budget and I have found the best place to do that is Aldi. I wouldn’t quite say they are a one stop shop like Wal-Mart but I can handle the extra trip to Wal-Mart or Kroger on the occasions I can’t get everything needed at Aldi.

How I spend $96.88 at Aldi for 7 dinners plus lunches and breakfasts. |

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This week I spent $96.88 at Aldi for groceries. Not going to lie I was very excited to be UNDER budget because typically I go over! My menu this week isn’t extravagant but they are dinners that are family approved and I know my kids and hubby will eat. When making my menu I did think about things that I already had at home. I had things like rice, potatoes, canned green beans, oatmeal, flour, sugar, seasonings, and condiments (you know… things that you don’t always have to replace every shopping trip) I also had a few things in the freezer including a deer roast and several packages of dinner rolls. KNOWING this I set out and wrote my menu and my shopping list.

I have found the best way to keep my grocery budget in check is to use things you already have at home. If you are anything like me then there is a chance you planned a meal one night and decided not to make it because you had enough leftovers another night or grabbed something to eat out instead, so use what you got!

What did I buy? What is on the menu? I am going to break it down for you.

How I spend $96.88 at Aldi for 7 dinners plus breakfasts and lunches. |


Honey Siracha Chicken with Green Beans and Rolls

Bought: chicken thighs ($4.65), organic honey ($3.49)

Had: garlic, oil, soy sauce, siracha sauce, rice vinegar, canned green beans, dinner rolls

Chicken Quesadillas with Chips and Salsa and Cilantro Rice

Bought: tortillas ($0.99), salsa ($1.99), chips ($1.19), cilantro ($0.69)

Had: cheese and sour cream

Dirty Rice

Bought: organic grass fed ground beef ($5.29)

Had: rice, onion, green peppers, seasonings

Kielbasa and Purple Cabbage with Mashed Potatoes and Dinner Rolls

Bought: turkey kielbasa ($1.99), purple cabbage (must get at Wal-Mart)

Had: potatoes, dinner rolls, seasonings

Mississippi Roast with Potatoes and Green Beans

Bought: nothing

Had: deer roast, pepperoncini, seasonings, potatoes, green beans

Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup

Bought: bread ($1.79), sandwich cheese ($1.99), organic tomato soup ($1.89)

Had: nothing

Breakfast for Dinner (Bacon, Blueberry Pancakes and Eggs)

Bought: turkey bacon ($1.89), blueberries ($2.39)

Had: flour plus other pancake ingredients, eggs, syrup


Yogurt with Blueberries

Bought: yogurt ($2.99), blueberries ($2.39)

Had: nothing

Peanut Butter and Banana Overnight Oats

Bought: natural peanut butter ($1.39), bananas ($1.65), yogurt

Had: oats


Bought: nothing

Had: cereal

Peanut Butter Toast

Bought: bread ($.83), peanut butter

Had: nothing


Sandwiches with Potato Chips

Bought: lunch meat ($3.29), lunch cheese ($1.99), bread, chips ($1.49)

Had: mayo, mustard

Mac and Cheese

Bought: 2 – organic white cheddar boxed mac and cheese ($1.15 each)

Had: nothing

Tuna with crackers

Bought: 2 – tuna packages ($0.89 each), 4 – canned tuna ($0.68 each), crackers ($1.49)

Had: nothing


Bought: caesar salad kit ($1.99)

Had: nothing

Hot Dogs

Bought: turkey hot dogs ($1.79)

Had: nothing

Cheese Tortillas

Bought: tortillas ($0.99)

Had: cheese


4 – ½ Gallon Organic Whole Milk ($2.95 each)

Butter ($2.89)

Coffee ($4.49)

Organic Applesauce ($1.89)

String Cheese ($2.79)

SPECIAL BUY … very rarely do I pick something up NOT on my list

Gingerbread House ($6.99)

SNACK IN STORE … you know to keep The Baby happy

Apple Chips ($1.69)


Looking at this list you may see things that you wouldn’t buy, or you would buy but have cheaper options or on the flip side more expensive options. One thing I am learning to do is shop your pantry/freezer. If you are like me then there is a chance you have bought items for a meal and never made it for whatever reason or maybe you bought a few extra items when they were at a good sale, use those items you already have to bring your grocery bill down.

Have fun shopping!!!

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