Goal Planning as a Couple

The first month of the year is almost over and I was starting to feel like a loose ball in a ping pong machine. The year was already starting off with no direction. I have found the older I become there are a few things that have become apparent, 1. my need for organization, 2. less is more when it comes to "stuff", and 3. there needs to be a plan of action!

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3 Goal Planning Areas

When my husband and I sat down I wanted to focus on 3 goal planning areas as a couple.

  1. Finance Goals

  2. Family Goals

  3. Couple Goals

We have never, in the last ten years of marriage, sat down and made goals like this. We obviously had goals and talked about them but we have never wrote them down and made a game plan to accomplish said goals. Sometimes the things we set out to do got accomplished but more times than not we got off course and our goals weren't made a priority. In addition to these three areas I think it is very important to make personal/work goals individually.

GOAL PLANNING | www.thesaraross.com

Finance Goals

Everybody's goals will look a little different but here the things that we came up with for this year.

  1. Replenish our Emergency Fund with at least $1,000. At the end of last year we had to take our Emergency Fund all the way down to $0. It was one of those situations where you hated to use your savings but grateful it was there.

  2. Payoff Credit Card. We were doing so GOOD with this. In fact, we went about 3 years of not accumulating any additional debt (outside of what we were already paying on). Somewhere along the line our spending started outweighing our income.

  3. Save 3-6 Months worth of expenses.

  4. By the end of the year have a 50/30/20 percentage working budget. This would be our dream budget. 50% of income allotted towards expenses (house, utilities, transportation, groceries, and other needs). 30% is FUN money (eating out, tithing and other giving, vacations, entertainment, etc.) 20% Savings (emergency funds, retirement funds, investing, savings for a new car, etc.)

  5. SELL OUR HOUSE. This is a big one!! With our house sale we will be able to payoff all loans associated with the house (mortgage, land, improvement loan) as well as my student loan PLUS we should still have a little left over for a down payment on a new home. We plan on downsizing and moving closer to my husbands job so we can lower our overall monthly expenses.

Goal Planning | www.thesaraross.com

Family Goals

This one was big for me. We do things as a family but we don't ever make it a priority and before you know it we go a whole month without having a single family day/night where we focus just on our family. No distractions!

  1. Yearly Vacation. I don't mean some elaborate vacation, remember our financial goals above. We have a pop up camper so I am talking about possibly a long weekend away, someplace close to home and budget friendly.

  2. Monthly Family Outings. I want to make a plan for at least once a month to go out as a family. We have so many wonderful state parks around our area that it would be nice to go explore them. In the winter, maybe go ice skating or go to the Science Center. There are so many budget friendly options in our area.

  3. Monthly Family Nights @ Home. We have planned 1-2 nights a week for just family time, maybe a movie and pizza or a game night.

  4. Monthly One-on-One with the kids. When you have multiple kids it can be hard to give them each individual attention. We scheduled a one-on-one night with each kid based on the date of their birthday. We have one on the 4th, 18th, and 23rd. So each month on that date the other two kids go to bed a little early while we spend at least 30 minutes of quality time with the third.

  5. ATTEND CHURCH. We have been terrible at making church a priority. This one will do us all some good!!! #weneedmorejesus

Goal Planning | www.thesaraross.com

Couple Goals

Someone asked my husband the other day if we have a monthly date night. Hahaha. NOPE. Honestly, we were lucky if we planned ONE date night within the year. It was time we made "us" time a priority.

  1. Monthly Date Night. It's going on the calendar and I am making it a priority!!

  2. At Home Dates 2x a Month. Just like we set up the kids one-on-one nights above, we set a time for us to just sit down as a couple and have grown up talk... or whatever we decide to do as a couple without kids!

  3. Weekend Getaway 2x a Year. This one may be a little harder than the rest but our goal is to try to getaway at least for a weekend every 6 months (we are thinking April and October). This doesn't have to be far, but just something for the two of us to getaway and spend some quality time together.

Goal Planning | www.thesaraross.com

It feels so good to sit down and have REAL, tangible goals for the year. I really enjoyed the process and it was SO NICE to have an adult conversation with my husband. I feel like most of our time is spent talking diaper changes, spilt milk and who is taking who to which activity. Have you ever sat down with your partner to make goals for your family or for you guys as a couple? What were some of the things you planned out? I am really looking forward to all the family and couple time we have planned!!

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