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What does intentional living mean?

Intentional living is a lifestyle choice based on your individual values and beliefs. You are making choices with INTENTION.

What intentional living is and 5 questions you need to ask yourself when you want to start living with intention. #intentionalliving #livewithintent #intetionallivingtips

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Intentional Living Lifestyle Blog

When starting this blog I wasn’t sure exactly what direction I wanted it to go. I knew what I didn’t want.

I knew I wasn’t going to be a food blogger, I love searching for new recipes but creating and documenting the process was not something I was good at. In fact, I am not sure how these food bloggers make their food look so pretty. Mine are always #pinterestfail, they taste good but they never look like the picture.

I am not a super crafty person, so craft blog was out.

I am not a fitness guru. In fact, I really don’t like working out. Fitness blogger was out.

I love numbers, but could I really make a finance blog work?

Where did I belong in this blogging world?

I knew…

I love Jesus. I love essential oils. I love my family. I love simplifying my home. I love blogging. I love the journey to mom boss status.

I knew I wanted to live a more intentional life. I wanted to make sure my choices were matching up with what I believed in and what I wanted to accomplish in this stage of life.

That’s it! A lifestyle, mom blog that focuses on intentional living with a few mompreneur tips thrown in. The great thing about starting a lifestyle blog is you can really write about whatever is on your heart!

What does intentional living mean?

Intentional living is a lifestyle choice based on your individual values and beliefs. You are making choices with INTENTION.

Everything you do or don’t do in life is made up of choices. Circumstances may not always be in your control, but your choices are always yours.

How can I be more intentional?

The answer is very simple.

You need to take a look at your life right now and ask yourself a few questions.

5 Intentional Questions to ask yourself

  1. What in your life brings you complete joy and happiness?

  2. What in your life brings you more stress and despair?

  3. What experiences do you want to have in your life?

  4. What matters the most to you?

  5. What matters the least to you?

Creating an intentional life

You need to take a look at the answers to those 5 questions. What intentional choices can you make in order to bring more of the positive aspects into your life and the choices to rid yourself of the negative.

One of the things in my own life that was bringing stress was/is our debt and knowing we can’t pay cash for larger expenses. So now, we are following Dave Ramsey and making INTENTIONAL financial choices. It will be a long road but when finished we will be able to experience things we couldn’t before.

This is just one example of many.

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Intentional thoughts

You have to watch your thoughts. Focus on the positive when you can. Recently, I saw a post from the Power of Positivity Facebook Page saying,

“Instead of looking at what is depressing, look at what is a blessing.”

That is so perfect. There are going to be hard situations in life. That is life. But you have the choice in how you see a situation.

I am also a huge believer in affirmations! An affirmation are positive words you say over and over to yourself. A lot of us tend to have this negative soundtrack going on in the background of our minds as we go through out the day. Speaking affirmations and words of life over yourself will have a huge impact on your thoughts.

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Be Intentional Planner. Start living a more intentional lifestyle by planning our your day. #intionalliving #livewithintention #planner

    Simplifying your life.

    It seems that a lot of times you will find that people who are living more intentionally are also living a more minimalist lifestyle. The two definitely go hand in hand. Making intentional choices to minimize and have less stuff frees up your time and finances for other things.

    Chances are if you are making more intentional choices in your life then you are figuring out there are things in your life you don’t need as bad as you thought you did.

    Simplifying Your Home

    There is a reason why the KonMari method is going crazy right now! It is a top trend and it is easy to see why.

    People are drowning in “stuff”. Folks, my basement is a prime example of this! Before our move, we purged a lot but apparently not enough. You know, when walking into the basement gives me instant anxiety it is time to purge some more.

    A cupboard full of Tupperware you don’t use can be simplified, keep the stuff you use all the time and get rid of the stuff you don’t.

    The pile of magazines sitting on the counter or in the closet that you do NOT read, recycle those suckers!

    Kids toys… that they do NOT play with. Sell them! Donate them!

    However, there are going to be things you do not want to part with and I totally get it! We have a magnet board full of magnets that we have collected over the years on family vacations. To some, that may seem as clutter but for us, it is something small that reminds us of our trips.

    I am not saying you have to get rid of everything. However, I can guarantee you have stuff you can get rid of! Physical clutter can lead to mental clutter.

    Simplifying Your Finances

    Simplify your finances. Like I have said, this is a journey we are currently on. It is hard. I am a spender by nature.

    This is an area that if not making intentional choices can lead to some very hefty consequences. And I am going to bet that some of your experiences you want to have can’t be achieved unless you get your finances simplified and working for you, not against you.

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    Simplifying Your Wardrobe

    This goes hand in hand with simplifying your home. But I want to put a little more emphasis on this.

    Go through your closet and get rid of the things you do not wear anymore, the things that do not fit you anymore, and the things that don’t fit in your lifestyle anymore.

    It’s ok that you get rid of your old college t-shirts… especially if you DO NOT wear them anymore. I was in a Sorority my first year of college, I am pretty sure we bought a new t-shirt every other week for this event or that. Guess what. I think I kept 1 out of 1 million.

    When buying new clothes for yourself ask yourself if you are going to really wear them!

    I love a cute pair of heels! But let’s be honest for a second, I will wear them MAYBE once a month. I am a stay at home mom and I do not clean the house in heels… it just isn't happening. I already own a pair of nude color ones, a black pair, and a red pair so there is NO need for another pair.

    When purchasing new clothing pieces be intentional with your choices.

    One day I am going to figure out how to do a capsule wardrobe! I am not quite that minimalist yet but stay tuned because I just might get a little spunky this spring and give it a shot.

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    Simplifying Your Schedule

    This might be a touchy subject. But momma, SLOW DOWN!! You do not have to say “yes” to everything.

    I keep hearing this concept, and maybe you have too,but  I want to go ahead and share again.

    Make a negotiable and a non-negotiable list. The things that you absolutely want to fit in your schedule (non-negotiables) and the ones that could come or go (negotiables). Do not waver a non-negotiable when a negotiable comes up.

    For example, a non-negotiable could be, every Monday night you have a family night. If something comes up that is on your negotiable list, like an unimportant school event, just know that you aren’t going.

    Now, if two non-negotiables come up on the same night then you will have to make a choice or possibly reschedule one.

    But the thing is, today more so than ever, there is SO MUCH pressure on moms to make sure they are perfect, their kids are perfect, the house is perfect, everything just has to be perfect and the schedule has to be packed full or you are doing something wrong.

    It’s OK to not be “perfect”. This is coming from a mom who forgot about the stinking tooth-fairy once again! Guess what, my child isn’t going to be scared for life because the tooth-fairy was “running late”. I promise!

    Intentional Living and You

    I want you to remember something, not one person’s intentional living journey is going to look the same! Find what matters the most to you and make choices around your beliefs and values. Not mine. Not your neighbors. Not your favorite influencer on Instagram. YOURS!

    Not sure what areas of your life you need to be focusing on? Check out my FREE Life Balance Wheel in this post: Goal Setting: 11-Steps To Creating The Best Year Of Your Life.

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