A Love Letter to My Husband

Dear Husband,

We are spending this Valentine’s Day apart, come to think of it we were apart last year too. I am starting to think you are doing this on purpose. Haha.

We are coming up on our 11-year wedding anniversary and it has me thinking a lot about our relationship and what it means to me. It is SO EASY for me to go through the day doing the mundane activities that need to be done to make this family run semi-smoothly, that I forget about the things I need to do to show you love.

A Love Letter to My Husband | thesaraross.com

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I was looking back at the pictures from our first real getaway as a married couple, our oldest was 6 at the time and our only child. Since then we have brought a couple more children into this world. I was looking at the pictures and you could sense the JOY and LOVE we had for each other on that trip, away from all the distractions of our daily life. How easy it was to focus on just the two of us when that was the one and only thing on the “to-do list”.

Some days I really want to go back to those days when our only goal was to make each other happy, the feelings of butterflies and weekly date nights. No running kids from one activity to the next, no bath-time routines, no sleepless nights due to a sick kid and no responsibilities that come with a growing family and taking care of a home. It was so easy to SIMPLY BE IN LOVE.

But then, we wouldn’t be where we are today. The good and the bad. I wouldn’t know about all the sacrifices you, not only, make for our family but our country. I wouldn’t know how amazing of a father you are to our kiddos. You can see the joy you have for them when you are playing tickle monster on the floor with The Baby, Nerf wars with Big Shot, and Little Miss’s beloved past time of Trouble. In fact, I wouldn’t have these amazing kids if it wasn’t for you. That in itself is a true blessing.

I wouldn’t know how hard a marriage is because it can be incredibly HARD! Expecting two people to stay on the same page about life… money, kids, goals, and which restaurant to eat at! In the midst of the miscommunications and the occasional (ok, sometimes, a lot of) angry words you have stuck it out. For thick and thin. For better or worse. Because of that, I wouldn’t know how BEAUTIFUL a marriage can be. I, truly, have my best friend living under the same roof! You are the one person I can be 100% myself with and know you will still love me… no matter how annoying I can be. 

What I want for this Valentine’s day is to keep loving you, to find little ways in the middle of a messy kitchen and temper tantrums to show you how crazy I am about you. To show you that my love will never end. To take time for each other. To continue to learn about each other and grow in our marriage. I want to continue to date you and never lose those butterfly feelings.

Is our life perfect, no. Do we still have a lot to work on, yes. But there is love, grace, patience and forgiveness and that is all I can ask for. You are my one and only Valentine and I love you more than you can ever know.


Your Wife


Marriage Tip: Something you and your spouse need to do as least once a year is sit down and go over goals you guys have has a couple. I wrote a whole blog post about it over HERE.


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