Mom Bag Essentials

Sometimes it looks like a bomb went off in my purse diaper bag mom bag. Somehow, no matter how much I DECLUTTER my bag, I ALWAYS end up with a ton of stuff. I don’t know how you mommas use tiny purses… there is just no way I could fit everything in there. And trust me when I say I am not one of those overly prepared moms by any means, but I have found that these key things are ESSENTIAL to my MOM BAG!

Mom Bag Essentials -

What Is in My Mom Bag

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Coach Diaper Bag

Coach Diaper Bag


The Bag

I am currently using a Coach diaper bag I received as a gift from my aunt. I tried to find a link to the one I am using but I am thinking it is an older style and no longer being sold.

Diapers, Wipes, and Diaper Baggies

This is a given because I still have one in diapers. I have used different diaper brands including LUVS and Pampers. However, currently, I am using Babyganics diapers and I LOVE them!! I am also using Babyganic wipes. One thing that I try not to run out of is these blue Sassy Diaper Sacks. Personally, I feel like this is just a common courtesy thing. Have you ever walked into a small bathroom in a restaurant or retailer and it just reeked of the dirtiest diaper imaginable? I am pretty sure my kiddos diapers could compete with that, so in the little blue Sassy Diaper Sack it goes!

Sippy and Snack Cups

I recently asked a mom group on Facebook which sippy cup was their go to. This Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup was the winner!! I went ahead and purchased one, I mean how can ALL those moms be wrong? Turns out, they weren’t. The Baby loves it and I find it easy to clean. I started off using the Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup, but he now uses both styles without any problems. They even make them in stainless steel!! I also never leave the house without a Munchkin Snack Catcher filled with some type of goodies like pretzels or crackers.

Lip Balm and Lozenges

I made a Peppermint essential oil infused lip balm and it is safe to say the whole family loves it. I always have a few floating around in the bag somewhere. I also keep a few Thieves Hard Lozenges on hand because you just never know when you might need one.


I carry Stress Away and Joy with me at ALL TIMES!! I LOVE the emotional support oils and these two happen to be a couple of my favorites. Love the oils? You can order HERE.


I am always reading something, so this is a must for when I am sitting in the school pick-up lines or at a Taekwondo practice. I love to read self-development books, parenting books, and devotionals. I am currently going through The Power of Moments and Only Love Today. One of my favorite books I have read is The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, one day I will put her practices to good use.


I recently switched to a new wallet, very similar to this Vera Bradley one, except mine cost $2.00 from a local store. I wanted something with a strap for those times I didn’t want to take in the WHOLE mom bag into the post office or gas station. I could just grab this little one and go.

Flashlight and Pocket Knife

Because you just never know. I keep a little flashlight and a pocket knife in one of the front zipper pockets of my bag. Here is a great combo Knife and Flashlight set.

Amazon KINDLE!!!

Our Amazon Kindles have been a LIFE SAVER!! We have the Fire 7 but it looks like there is a new Fire 8 out!! Long trips, doctor appointments, grocery store trips, we need new clothes trips, The Baby woke up super early and won’t go back to sleep moments!! Seriously, best buy I have made! We got rid of all the DS’s and Leapsters then replaced them with the Amazon Kindles. I was so tired of all the little games thrown around the house and getting lost. I needed to simplify their want for on the go entertainment. These Amazon Kindles were a perfect solution, they can have their games, books and TV shows all in one place. It helps that we are Amazon Prime members (you can sign up below) so we get access to free TV shows and movies as well as free kindle books. In fact, we always take advantage of all the free option stuff. I made sure I bought one of these Silicone Cases for each Kindle as well as a Screen Protector. These two things have saved our Kindles for scratches, dents and cracked screens. You can try Amazon Prime FREE for 30 Days!! This will allow you FREE 2-Day shipping plus Amazon PRIME movies and TV shows for free (you can watch on your new Amazon Kindle or a Smart TV).

The Mom Bag is Always Evolving

As my children grow the contents of my mom bag changes. One day I won’t have to carry diapers and wipes. One day, I won’t have to carry anything extra because they will all be grown and no longer need mommy to carry their things. One day, they won’t be running errands with me. One day, I might be able to downsize my mom bag. The essentials of the mom bag will change over time, it is just the way of this mom life.

What stage of mommy hood are you in? Do you have a few key essentials that are always in your mom bag? | singnature

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