Self-Care Ideas for Moms

The kids are going crazy again, my husband is working, the “to-do” list in my head is growing longer by the minute and I am about to lose my ever lovin’ mind. Have you been there?

First, STOP. Then, BREATHE. Repeat, I GOT THIS! And, take a moment for yourself AWAY from everyone else. It is time for momma to learn some self-care tips.

25 Self-Care Ideas for Moms |

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One thing I try to do; which, if I am completely honest I am not that great at making it happen, is self-care. BUT, oh my gosh, it is SO IMPORTANT! Self-care is more than just physical health, it is also about your emotional, social, psychological and spiritual well-being. Some of us may have one of these areas down pact or maybe done at all. It’s OK. It isn’t too late to start putting your needs first. You can’t keep giving out of an empty cup!

As a mom we are constantly meeting the needs of others as we put our own needs on the backburner. I think we all get this guilty feeling when we decide to do something for ourselves. Oh, but, this money could go to Little Lucy’s piano lessons or Matthew’s fundraiser, the kids are going to need new summer clothes soon, what if someone gets sick and they need to go to the doctor office or what if… what if… what if? There will ALWAYS be excuses to not take better care of yourself. But when is it time to draw the line and start putting your own needs as a priority too? Trust me, I get it, I am a momma to three and 99% of my daily life is filled with the needs of them. Guess what? That leaves at least 1% for ME TIME!! And you totally don’t have to spend money to practice self-care. Here is a list I made (some are free and some cost money) of “25 Ways to Practice Self-Care for Moms”!

25 Self-Care Ideas for Moms. |

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These are easy enough, right!?! Take a look at this list of self-care ideas for moms. I can see at least one I am going to try out this week! What about you?

One of my favorite self-care ideas listed above it using essential oils, you can read about my essential oil journey HERE. If you like these self-care ideas then I know you will love my #1 way to boost your self-confidence!

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