Top 7 Fashions for Mamas on The Run

Being a stay at home mom I have found it really difficult to get motivated to put myself together each morning. I mean what is the point? Who will see me through out the day? My 2 year old who clearly could care less about food stains or if I have or haven't showered in a couple days. My 5 year old who thinks having unmatched and/or holes in clothes is the cool thing to do. My 11 year old who obviously doesn't pay attention to what I say let alone what I wear. OR my husband, who lately is gone more than he is home between his military job and his full time civilian job. So, again I repeat, "what is the point?" The point is...

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You are doing this for YOURSELF!!! I am not saying you have to get all dolled up but you need to put on real pants, a clean shirt and brush your hair. Not for anyone else but for YOU! Today, I could have jumped in the car in my PJs with un-brushed hair and slippers. There was nothing stopping me. I had 2 objectives this morning. 1. Get the kids to school and 2. Pick up a couple things from Wal-Mart. Honestly, neither one of those tasks required me to get dressed in real clothes. But I did, and here is why.

To build my self-confidence. That is my #1 reason! I have been a stay at home mom for 4 years now. The first 7 years of motherhood I worked out of the home and HAD to look presentable every day when I walked out that door on my way to work. Being home with my kids these last 4 years has given me the freedom to not have to look so put together everyday. But here is something I have come to realize. The days I don't get dressed in real pants are the days I feel more down about myself. The days I am not confident in my own skin, in motherhood, or really anything. When do you feel your most confident? When you are "put together" or when you just rolled out of bed? I am going to guess it is the first option. You can read my #1 tip for boosting your self-confidence HERE.

Taking care of yourself isn't wrong! You might be hearing a lot about this self-care stuff. Well, there is a reason for that. Taking care of yourself shows your kids that you love who you are, you are confident, and you have goals, dreams and hobbies. It is teaching them good habits for their own life and when the become adults. Not sure where to begin on your self-care journey? You can check out a list of Self-Care Ideas for Moms HERE.

Now, don't get me wrong. Like I said above I am not saying you have to get all dolled up everyday. I am not even saying you have to shower! BUT, I am saying you need to get ready for the day and ready to face whatever it will throw your way. Today, I put on a pair of black leggings, a comfy sweater, and my awesome $8 thrift store Coach tennis shoes. I did not put any makeup on, I did not spend hours on my hair, and I did not shower. BUT, I can say I felt 100x more confident walking out the door to drop my kids of and run a small errand dressed like this than I would have if I walked out in my PJs.

Top 7 Clothing Pieces for Mamas on The Run

You can still be comfy, plus confident, when wearing these 7 clothing pieces for mamas on the run. You will find these items as staples in my closet for my momiform!! 

1. Black Jeggings

You can't go wrong with jeggings! They are so comfy and they can be dressed up or down. I have worn out my current pair so I am on the hunt for some new ones! I love these 3 I found on Amazon!

2. Graphic Tee

Graphic t-shirts are my new obsession! It is like walking around with your own personal #hashtag all day long! Why, yes I do LOVE COFFEE!! Why, yes I am a MAMA!! Why, yes I am FEELING POSTIVE today!! However, I do recommend they are age appropriate. I am 31 so you won't see me walking around with an emoji "totally LOL" shirt or one saying "teenage dreams". I am just sayin'.

3. Solid Color Tee

Maybe you aren't obsessed with graphic tees like I am. That's OK. There are so many cute solid tees out there as well! Just like the black jeggings these can be dressed up or down. In fact, for daytime you could wear a pair of black jeggings, a solid tee, and cute tennis shoes then transition this outfit to date night by adding a colorful chunky necklace and a pair of nude flats or booties! 

4. Comfy Sweater

This is a cuter option vs a hoodie or sweatshirt. I am guilty of wearing hoodies, I used to have A TON of them and have dwindled my collection down to 5! Anyone else have a hoodie collection? But, they don't make me feel as confident and put together as a sweater when out and about. I typically wear my hoodies around the house and to bed because I am always FREEZING! These sweaters are great because they are still casual but stylish! 

5. Denim Button Up

Great for layering over your tee! I own 3 denim button ups myself. I love how causal and versatile they are. Again these can be dressed up or down depending on what pieces you match them with. It is all about buying things that are versatile for your mom wardrobe!

6. Cute Tennis Shoes

Who says you can’t be comfy and stylish at the same time? They obviously haven’t come across these cute tennis shoes. Bonus you can still find ones that “slip on” but aren’t slippers!! Just say NO to wearing slippers in public!

7. Backpack Purse

I am so happy these are coming back in style!! I am on the search for one myself because seriously they make life so much easier when you are trying to juggle kids, groceries and more kids. I am getting out of the diaper bag stage but still carry the essentials in my mom bag. Curious as to what I currently use? You can see for yourself HERE

So there you have it, my Top 7 Fashions for Mamas on The Run!! Do you currently have any of these pieces in your closet? Has this given you some inspiration to put on real pants and face the world? I hope it did!!

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